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Music Production, Recording, Mixes and Mastering

Music production is a specialty expertise that requires a well trained ear and excellent communication. A good Producer can transform even modest talent into a competitive, signature sound. At WALDOVAL Studios (LA California), audio production and recording can include everything from song development to bringing in professional musicians to record tracks.

Our Music Production & Recording includes a wide array of services

* Voice-over Productions (for the spoken word).

* Singing to Pre-recorded Accompaniment Tracks (like a karaoke track).

* Singer/Songwriter Demo.
For someone who is a singer/songwriter who wants to have their songs professionally produced and recorded, but who may have a more limited budget, we have a special package just for you. Call us for our Singer/Songwriter Demo.

* Full-Scale Live Band Production.

* Mixes.

* Mastering.
We specialize in providing high fidelity music mastering services to local and remote artists. In addition we also offer cd mastering services. Our studio design, excellent mastering equipment, and experience allow us to provide outstanding audio mastering services at affordable rates.
Free Mastering Sample
We'll master one of your songs and send back a 1-2 minute preview of the final master version at no cost. That way you can hear the professional sound and sonic clarity our engineers will bring out in your music.

For prices and details please contact wvuchilegtr@gmail.com or call (323) 333 3302.

Check some credits

Simplemente Boleros (Patricio y Los Románticos)
Boleros Originales 2002
...more info.

Bandhada / Bandhada (Re-Mastering)
Jazz/ rock 1986-2004
...more info.

Sonic Landscape (Waldo Valenzuela)
Fusión 2005
...more info.

El Músico Ambulante (Santino)
Pop / Rock 2004

Llévame Contigo (Santino) Pop / Rock 2005
...more info.

Sangra tu Corazon (Julio Cebrian)
Romantic/Ballad 2006
...more info.

So far, my love (Astrid Chevallier).
Rock. 2006
...more info.

Merry Acoustic Chritsmas (Willard Lozano)/ Mix and Mastering 2008
...more info.

Open Cages (Bandhada)/ Mixer and Mastering Engineer 2010
...more info.

Our little Family (Big brown Door) Rock Soul Blues, Composer, Performer and Mixer 2010
...more info.

The Light of the Sixth Sun (Waldo Valenzuela)/ Jazz latin Rock Fusion 2012

Contributing as Composer, Arranger, Producer, Mixer and Mastering Engineer


Waldo Valenzuela

Guitarist and Sound Engineer of Chilean origin.
In 1987 he relocated to Valdivia, Chile, where he studied Acoustic Engineering for 4 years. Due to the strong Jazz and Rock influence in Valdivia at that time, Waldo honed and perfected his skills in those styles of Music as well as traditional South American Music and Spanish guitar.

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North America
Los Angeles, CA
Waldo Valenzuela
Phone: 1- (323) 333-3302
e-mail: wvuchilegtr@gmail.com

Estudios Mix
Gonzalo Ramos
e-mail: gonzalo@estudiosmix.com



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